Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hi. I don't know why i write this post and of course i will write anything that cross in my mind.
First, i want to wish all of you happy new year. It's already 2015 this year and i'm 21 years old.
I don't remember when i start blogging and i remember i start from high school.
It's already three years since i wrote anything and that was when i'm in matriculation.
Now, I'm writing again when i'm in university. In fact, i already go through for 3 semester in university.
Well, basically, nothing change since last three years. I'm just living my life like usual and be happy.
I met with new friends, new people and new problems.
Still acting like a child.
No.Just like always.
Not yet.Boyfriend pun tak ada. haha.

Anyways, life need to be through and hope to meet again in next post. See you!

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