Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hi. I don't know why i write this post and of course i will write anything that cross in my mind.
First, i want to wish all of you happy new year. It's already 2015 this year and i'm 21 years old.
I don't remember when i start blogging and i remember i start from high school.
It's already three years since i wrote anything and that was when i'm in matriculation.
Now, I'm writing again when i'm in university. In fact, i already go through for 3 semester in university.
Well, basically, nothing change since last three years. I'm just living my life like usual and be happy.
I met with new friends, new people and new problems.
Still acting like a child.
No.Just like always.
Not yet.Boyfriend pun tak ada. haha.

Anyways, life need to be through and hope to meet again in next post. See you!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Assalammualaikum..hai and a very good morning since aku type neh pagi2 dekat kafe blok.
Perasan tak aku dh lama x update blog since,erm since when? Hahaha..silly me.
Bukan x nk update but malas nak menaip walaupun aku neh budak ICT.
Sekarang neh aku dah masuk semester kedua di matriks.Time flies without i realised.
Next year umur aku dah 19 tahun.Macam x sangka.
This year my birthday hanya disambut dengan ucapan from my family and my friends.
No presents and no cake.
Walaupun begitu,aku tetap bersyukur sbb Allah still bagi aku peluang utk aku terus bernyawa dan menaburkan bakti di muka bumi ini.
Thanks for those who wish me.

Since masuk matriks nie jugak,i always call my mother.
Tu la, dulu masa duduk dkt dgn mak x nk bermanja.Dah duduk dkt johor neh,amek kau.Tetiap hari aku call.
Even my roommates pon x slalu call parents dorg.
One of my roommates pernah ckp yang aku neh homesick about one week lepas aku masuk orientasi.ak x sedar pon but i admit about it.
Crying is my routine after ak masuk matriks.
Lama-lama ak pon dah okay.Well,ak menangis bukan apa,aku x pernah berjauhan dgn family.Ini pertama kali aku berjauhan dengan dorang.
Okay,dah la segan lak citer pasal aku menangis neh.

Okay la ak berhenti di sini dahulu.aku akan post lagi bila ada citer baru..if ada org baca la kan entry blog aku neh!! See ya.Assalammualaikum

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

G for Goodbye

Less than 3 weeks or something like that,
i will go to further my study in Matriks Johor.
I don't know how it will be but i hope everything will be good.
When i take a look around my house and my room,
i cannot believe that one day i will leave this house.
I live here for a long time and now i need to leave this house.
It's really sad.
I will miss everything in this house,my family,my friends
I wish the clock stop for awhile and let me enjoy this time.

Anyway,wish me good luck and i will see you again!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm a girl who used to smile
but now
that smile already missing.
I try to find it
I Can't.
A girl with a big dreams and hope.
A girl who try to be good to everyone.
A girl who try to do her best,
but no one acknowledge her.

When she give up or lost her confident,
there are no one beside her who can help her.
Yes,she have many friends
but no one be beside her.

Her days and night always filled with tears.
One day,she rise from her darkness.
She throw all the sorrow in her hearts
and fill it with happiness.
A happiness that she already have and be granted
but she never realised about it.

Now,a smile always across in her face.
Despite all the bitterness,she will always smile!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

Dissapointment and frustrated!!
Yes,those two words kept bugging my minds recently.
I fail my driving test!!
Urmm,it's about 3 weeks ago.
It's really make my heart breaks.
When i thought that i can pass with flying colours,
i failed both test with low grades.

i fail at parking and driving at street with JPJ.
Oh My God!! I'm the only one who fail both.
Actually,i need to blame myself for not doing seriously.
Now,i'm regret about it.
So,tomorrow,i will take the test again.
This time i hope i didn't make any silly mistake.
I hope i learnt from the mistake.

Ya Allah,please bless me with everything that i will do.

Wish me good luck and pass with flying colours.
So,i don't need to cry anymore!!!